Things REALTORS® May Tell You

REALTORS® say - "Managing the sales process of a home is extremely time-consuming."

The reality is: The seller is always the one who works the hardest to sell the property, not the REALTORS®. The seller cleans, fixes, prepares & pays for the sale of the home. The seller still has to sit down with the Agent and go through the paperwork to list on the MLS®. The seller gets the property ready for the showings, and keeps the property in "Ready to Show" condition both inside and out throughout the entire sale process, not the Agents...

The truth is, the listing Agent typically does the least amount of work out of all the people involved in the sale of a property... Period!

With help from For Sale By Owner, you can easily eliminate the "Listing Agent" by stepping into their shoes throughout the sale process. We put you in complete control - from the start of the sale to the closing of the deal with your lawyer!

REALTORS® say - "Conducting showings is an art and should be left to the 'professionals'."

The reality is: The sellers know the property the best, and it is the sellers who are tasked with doing all of the running around, sometimes with very short notice, organizing the home for the showings. If it is an "art" when a REALTOR® walks through a house they know almost nothing about, with a buyer they barely know, then one could argue that the "Arts" are in real trouble.

In traditional full service real estate sales, the two agents will go to great lengths to keep the buyer and seller away from each other at all costs... The question is why. You'd think that the buyer would benefit greatly from talking to the current owners, and would welcome the chance to do so.

After all, it's the sellers who know what makes their home special, which light switch operates each light, how to turn on the heated floors in the bathroom, where the main water shut off is, what the neighborhood and schools are like, when the roof was done last - etc.

So why keep the sellers from talking to the buyers? The answer is simple - BIG commission fees are earned when Agents are in control of the sale of your home.

With our service - YOU are 100% in control of the entire process from start to finish.

If you list your home with a REALTOR® they will insist that you leave the house with the kids, the dog, the hamster, and the cat, when the buyer's REALTOR® is doing a showing with the buyers. Assuming they didn't cancel at the last moment, or delay for an hour while you're parked around the corner on a hot day in an overcrowded vehicle that could easily be mistaken for Noah's Arc.

And don't forget, the REALTOR® who shows the home is usually the Buyer's Agent who is working with the buyers, not the REALTOR® who initially listed the property. And frankly - neither one of them knows anything much about your awesome property do they!

In some provinces in Canada, new regulations require that there is an Agent involved on both sides of the deal if you list your home with a full-service Agency. The industry is now passing legislation that forces buyers and sellers to work with 2 costly Real Estate Agents. No more double-ending the deal for the listing Agent.

And now, if you want to purchase a property as a buyer who is NOT represented by a Buyer's Agent in BC for example, the listing agent will strongly encourage you to call a REALTOR® (any REALTOR®) and have them submit the offer. If you try to tell the listing agent that you don't want to involve a Buyer's Agent, they will try to force you to get one by telling you that you need to fill out a bunch of disclosure forms before they can tell you anything about the property - hoping to persuade you to hire a Buyer's Agent.

How is this good for the buyer or the seller? We're still scratching our heads on that one!

When you list with For Sale By Owner's Flat Fee Brokerage, you can sell your property WITHOUT an agent involved on EITHER side!

Remember - nobody knows your home better than you do! When a Buyer's Agent and the buyers show up for a viewing, the buyer's agent doesn't have a clue about the things that make your home special, or more valuable than a similar one across the street. Unlike how they depict in those crazy MLS® commercials, the buyer agent who actually shows the property doesn't have a clue about the neighbors, the neighborhood, and whether or not there is a rock bank, bad dude, or marijuana grow op right next door. Hilarious!

REALTORS® say - "Marketing your home on your own is time-consuming and expensive."

The reality is: With the increase of powerful Social Media sharing tools and websites like For Sale By Owner, Kijiji, Facebook, Twitter and many others, it's never been easier and less costly to market a property for sale in Canada. While it's true that REALTORS® will usually put your listing on their own website and a bunch of industry related websites, so does For Sale By Owner when you list with us. We syndicate our listings out to a growing list of relevant websites to help spread the word of your sale. We also "properly" index your property for sale in Google and dozens of other popular search engines.

REALTORS® say - "Agents will screen out renters or buyers who aren't serious, or qualified."

The reality is: Since the beginning of time, buyers have misrepresented their ability to complete the necessary financing for real property, vehicles, and many other BIG ticket items... The truth is that REALTORS® and Private Sellers both, are not mind readers. No one can establish with 100% certainty that a buyer is absolutely going to be "good to go" on subject removal day. If you think that the Full-Service Agent you hire to list your home is actually going to qualify each potential buyer that a Buyer's Agent brings forward, you would be mistaken. Your listing agent is often too busy at their next listing appointment - trying to convince that seller that they need him/her to handle their sale as well.

Buyer's Agents don't necessarily qualify each buyer they are working with, either. Try it for yourself. Call an agent and tell them you'd like to book a showing at a property. See if they ask you to prove who you are, what your intentions are, what your financial situation is, proof of funds, if you're a wacko or not, and so on. The Buyer's Agent is much more interested in getting you to sign an exclusive "Buyer's Agency" agreement so they can lock in their BIG buyer's agent commission before they will even lift a single finger for you. Heading to the car dealership to get that new car with the money they will make on the sale, is what's on their mind.

REALTORS® say - "Agents are proactive about making the sale of your property 'more profitable for you'."

The reality is: If you list your property for sale with a Full-Service Agency at $600,000.00, the two realtors will make around $22,000.00 in commission, plus tax of course. If the actual sale price ends up being $550,000.00 the two realtors will still make around $20,500.00. That's just $1500.00 less for the two of them to share, or $750.00 each... The problem is, you lost $48,500.00... So ask yourself this question - are REALTORS® really that keen on getting you the "TOP" dollar that they promise for your property, when they still make 95% of their ridiculous commission, after convincing you to drop your price by tens of thousands of dollars for a quicker sale?

When you list with For Sale By Owner, you are in complete charge of negotiating your end sale price, and you are saving thousands of dollars in commission while you do it!

REALTORS® say - "Agents have a 'broad knowledge' about the local market & your community."

The reality is: Nobody knows your neighborhood better than you do! When a buyer's agent and the buyers show up for a viewing, often the buyer's agent will not have a clue about the things that make your neighborhood special or more desirable to live in than a similar one across town. Unlike how they depict in those scary MLS® commercials, the person who knows the neighborhood the best is usually the one who actually lives in it.

REALTORS® say - "Agents will help you set the 'proper price' of your home."

The reality is: "Not Quite". The truth is that at the end of the day, agents do not actually dictate your property's ultimate listing price - you do. They will provide you with SOLD market data to support "their expert pricing recommendations", and you will need to trust that they are showing you the most relevant comparable properties. Sometimes the price of your home mysteriously becomes the exact same amount that a buyer who is working with that same agent is qualified for... neat how that works, isn't it?

The point is that at the end of the day, you, "the seller" - the owner of the property, sets the price. For Sale By Owner can also provide you with the "exact same" current SOLD market data for a low fee of $75.00, as an add-on to our private sales services. You don't have to hire a costly & fancy REALTOR® to do it for you!

REALTORS® say - "Agents have 'exclusive access' to hidden data that you need to set a realistic sale price."

The reality is: Aside from the "exact same" current SOLD market data we provide as an add-on to our private sales services, there are other methods that can be used to help you establish an accurate sale price for your property. Browsing through the current listings on and other websites like will show you what others are asking for similar properties.

Ordering an appraisal is the best way to not only establish a solid value on your property, it can also be worth its weight in gold when it's sitting on the kitchen table when your buyer is chatting with you about your price after a successful showing. An appraisal can also help speed up the sales process by providing your buyer with a higher level of comfort regarding the price you are asking.

REALTORS® say - "Agents use networking channels with other 'Professionals', Clients, and Agents."

The reality is: Powerful Social Media sharing tools and websites like For Sale By Owner, Kijiji, Facebook, Twitter and many others make it easy and less costly than ever to leverage the many networking opportunities while marketing a property for sale in Canada. It's now easier than ever to tap into a growing buying audience on using services like For Sale By Owner.

We are one of the last "true" For Sale By Owner companies remaining today. We've been at this since 1997, and we can honestly say that there has "NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO SELL YOUR OWN PROPERTY"!

Take control of your sale with us! Our goal is to help you sell your property without the assistance of any REALTORS® at all... Period!

Thank you for taking the time to read through these very important points.

Good luck in the sale of your property!